How to Build a Dashboard in Oracle Data Visualization Desktop

How to Build a Dashboard in Oracle Data Visualization Desktop


Oracle Data Visualization Desktop is Oracle’s flagship ‘Multi Data-Source’ Visualization tool. It allows users to simply connect their data source, or upload a data file, and immediately have the tool bring to life that data with stunning visualizations.


In the Video below, I show you how to build a Dashboard in Oracle Data Visualization Desktop.



Download the Dataset  –  Stock Indicators Dataset

Link to Tool – Download Oracle Data Visualization Desktop


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Step by Step – How to Build a Dashboard in Oracle Data Visualization Desktop

  1. Upload or Connect to your Dataset. Oracle provides a multitude of connectivity options, from Excel to Cloud services.  Prepare your data in the ‘Prepare’ table.


2) Once your data is loaded and formatted to your liking, switch to the Visualize tab. Here you can begin to use your dataset to build Visualizations.

Oracle DV Visualization builder


3) To add a Visualization,  select from the extensive library found in the left hand tab. Drag the Visualization out into the sheet. Now switch back to your dataset on the left tab and simply drag and drop your data into the Category, Color, Size, Filter and Trellis selectors.

How to Build a Dashboard in Oracle DV


4) Once you are happy with your first Viz, drag in a second. You can drop it either side or above or below the first one. Right clicking on a visualization brings up a multitude of properties to help you format to however you wish.

How to Build a Dashboard in Oracle DVD


5) Keep adding Visualizations until you are happy with your Dashboard. Use the right-click functionality to add Reference lines and format your charts. Once your Dashboard is finished, you can add it to the Narrate tab to tell the story of your data or export your Visualizations outside of the tool.

How to Build a Dashboard in Oracle Data Visualization Desktop


That’s it!

Have questions or need help Building Dashboards in Oracle DVD? Leave a Comment below i’d love to help out.

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